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Amara Group Is A Renowned Real Estate Group That Has Been Setting New Standards Of Excellence And Innovation In The Industry Since 1993. With A Focus On Trust, Transparency And Vision-driven Mindset. The Group Has Earned A Reputation For Reliability And Excellence. Amara Group Has Created Quality Industrial Units, Stunning Residential Spaces And Distinguish Commercial Landmarks That Have Set New Standards In The Industry.


The business park stands as a modern marvel, an architectural symphony of glass and steel. Its sleek facade mirrors the ambitions within—an ecosystem of innovation, collaboration, and productivity. Sprawling across landscaped grounds, it houses a diverse array of companies, buzzing with energy. 

What we offer



Office Spaces

State-of-the-art offices designed to foster productivity and collaboration in a thriving business ecosystem.


Co-working Spaces

Flexible workspaces that promote networking and innovation for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers.


Meeting Rooms

Modern meeting rooms equipped with advanced technology to facilitate seamless communication and productive discussions.


Event Spaces

Versatile event venues ideal for hosting conferences, seminars, workshops, and corporate gatherings.


Business Support Services

Comprehensive support services including administrative assistance, IT support, and concierge services to enhance operational efficiency.


Fitness Center

On-site fitness facilities to promote employee wellness and work-life balance within the business park.


Dining Options

A variety of dining options ranging from cafes to upscale restaurants, providing convenient culinary experiences for professionals.


Networking Opportunities

Regular networking events, industry-specific meetups, and community-building activities to foster collaboration and business growth.


Sustainable Infrastructure

A commitment to green buildings, and eco-friendly initiatives to create a responsible and environmentally conscious business park.

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A hub where ideas thrive, connections bloom, and success takes root.

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